MAKE WAVES: get stoked
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MAKE WAVES: get stoked


MYG has partnered with The Clean Earth Project to bring your little ones their greatest reminder!

life isn't always about ridin' the waves. if you're going to have an impact on this beautiful world, you gotta get out there and MAKE WAVES, baby!

time to be the change, time to cause the biggest splash + loudest surf. show the world the greatness you're made of! 

20% of your purchase will go directly to The Clean Earth Project to help fund environmental awareness and educational programs, as well as their public clean-up events at local beaches and green spaces. Learn more at


Life's Lemons O*GEE
MAKE WAVES on Pineapple Pink
Prime Time Lime O*GEE

GEE*Bands are offered in five sizes:

XS (6.0”), Small (6.5”), Medium (7.0”), Large (7.5”) and XL (8.0”)

This measurement is determined by the circumference of your wrist. You can easily measure your wrist with a piece of string. Place the string around your wrist, and mark it’s length. Next, measure the length of the string with a ruler or tape measure.

Can't measure your wrist? No biggy. We can help. 

Below are typical wrist sizes:

XS (6.0"): small child, under 10yrs old

S (6.5"): youth / petite adult

M (7.0"): average adult

L (7.5"): petite male

XL (8.0"): athletic male (more to love)


NOTE: The GEE*Band is designed to stretch over your hand, and fit snug on your wrist. Over time, you may notice a very slight loosening of the bungee, making the GEE*Band fit a bit looser on your wrist than when originally purchased.