Refund policy


All GEE*Bands are final sale and can not be returned or exchanged.

In the rare case a GEE*Band arrives to you damaged, or breaks due to unlikely circumstance within 30 days of purchase, we will replace your GEE*Band free of charge. We will replace with the same design as your original purchase. 

GEE*Bands will NOT be refunded or exchanged due to the bungee losing its elasticity after 30 days of purchase. "Losing elasticity" refers to the bungee stretching out to its maximum size. It is expected, and a natural process of the bungee material, that after many months of every day wear - in water, sun exposure, etc - your GEE*Band will lose some elasticity. If, in the unlikely occurrence, your GEE*Band loses its elasticity within 60 days of purchase, please contact us immediately. Please be prepared to share a photo of your GEE*Band, as well as order number and/or name in which the GEE*Band was ordered under.

To initiate a replacement request please email us at and send us your name, address you’d like the GEE*Band shipped to, original order number, and a photo of the damaged GEE*Band. 

Please note:

  • We will only provide a replacement GEE*Band if you provide us a photo of your original damaged Band.

  • If the band has been intentionally altered in any way – cut, burned, stretched past typical normal limits – we will not replace the it. Make Your Great has the right to decline a replacement request.

  • We are unable to replace lost or stolen GEE*Bands.

  • We will only replace the GEE*Band if the item was purchased directly on our website

It is under the full discretion of Make Your Great is refunds/exchanges will be permitted. 

If replacement request is granted, please allow up to 5 business days for us to design your new GEE*Band. You will receive notification when your replacement GEE*Band has been mailed to you.