• Shown: survivor


BRAVE on Pink Rebel
RESILIENT on Later Gator
GEE*Band Stacks are sold as is + can not be changed or customized


custom GEE*Bands only

Available on WHITE beads: 🖤❤️💛💚💙💜💗, and gold heart

Available on BLACK beads: 🤍⭐️🌙  (note: heart, moon and star are white, outlined shapes on black bead, not solid/full color)


To add a Special Character bead to your GEE*Band:

Type an asterisk ( * ) in the text box where you'd like the Special Character to be. 

-- For example, if you want your GEE*Band to say L❤️VE, you'd type L*VE in the text box.

Please be specific in the Special Instructions box (in your Cart) what Special Character Bead you would like.

-- For example, "Please replace the * with a red heart" 



GEE*Band measurement is determined by the circumference of your wrist. You can easily measure your wrist with a piece of string. Place the string around your wrist, and mark its length. Next, measure the length of the string with a ruler or tape measure, in inches. 

Below are typical wrist sizes:

 XXS - 5.5"   toddler / small child
 XS - 6.0"   small child / under 10 yrs old
 S - 6.5"   petite adult / pre-teen / teen
 M - 7.0"   average adult female / petite male
 L - 7.5"   average adult male
 XL - 8.0"   athletic build / more to love


NOTE: The GEE*Band is designed to stretch over your hand, and fit snug on your wrist. Over time, you may notice a slight loosening of the bungee, making the GEE*Band fit a bit looser on your wrist than when originally purchased.